one week …

For me, mealtime is always an adventure. The kitchen is my favorite place to be. But I am not very good at planning ahead. (Or … perhaps it’s a virtue.)  Instead I decide what sounds good at some point throughout the day and simply make a trip to the market.

However on a recent Sunday afternoon we decide to play a game dictating the following weeks menu. We planned ahead … As self proclaimed “foodies” we have quite the collection of cookbooks. The majority live on the top our hutch, with others strewn about the kitchen. We went around the room, each picking two random numbers. The first would correspond with a cookbook. The second, a page in the chosen cookbook. That would be dinner … we ate white gazpacho and cornmeal pancakes. Moroccan  stew and fillets with a red wine reduction, as well as a fresh tagliatelle and quiche.

So fun to step out of the box, try new recipes, new flavors … all creating new experiences.












new project …

Okay … once again there has been a long pause to my posting. But there hasn’t been any pause in my love of cooking and photographing. Just in my sharing. I have spent the last months starting a new project. It’s an idea that has swirled inside my head for quite some time (perhaps a year or so), but a late night conversation while staying with my sister-in-law and her family last summer, turned a swirling idea into something concrete. Or at least it laid a foundation.  It’s something I am super excited about, something I want to pour my time and attention into, something that will take time. (Meaning I need patience). And it has a learning curve that somewhat scares me and intrigues me all at the same time.

I want to produce a cookbook. Again, I am not a chef and don’t pretend to be. I’m just a girl with a passion for cooking, experimenting and sharing with family and friends. I love recipes that reach back into our family’s history and I like tweaking new recipes to make them our own. And that’s where my idea (with the definite encouragement from my sister-in-law) for a book starts. The idea of sharing my family and friends recipes, and the stories behind them. Food is more than a meal to me, it is the connecting of people past and present. A meal should be an experience, the smells taking you to  places you’ve been, and making new memories for the future. All while we gather around our tables. With that, I want the pages filled with personal stories, family recipes and beautiful images.

Besides family and running my photography business, these past months have been planning for this new venture, reaching out to family and friends, and now, finally starting to be invited into their homes and lives while they prepare meals and share the stories behind them. So far, it has been fascinating and I look forward to sharing my own journey along the way.






Let’s be honest …

I haven’t been very diligent in keep up my “foodie” blog. I want to, I even mean to … but as we all know life gets full. Between running my photography business and tending to  my family, my time with food photography has gently taken a back seat.

That doesn’t mean my time  in the kitchen  (or love for cooking) has diminished. The same holds true for time in the garden.  With summer in full swing and the garden producing beyond what I imagined, I do spend time there daily. I find such peace there.

I have managed to photograph a bit and have so many ideas. All in the right time I suppose. But for now … Sunday morning crepes.



truth and pizza …

So … when I started this blog it was with the intent to combine the things I so enjoy, cooking and photography (which also happens to be my career). Whether ingredients or our complete meal, it has been a blast styling and being creative with food, both in the kitchen and behind the lens. And I must say how peaceful it is … spending time doing the things I love. It has changed my lifestyle. Even in the day to day craziness there is a slow pace kind of feel when in the moment. And in the end there’s nothing better than breaking bread with my family … gathering around the table …

Here’s a homemade pizza ready to be grilled on the bbq …