from the grill to the plate …

Such a lovely spring evening … a BBQ with a whole roasting chicken, red potatoes and portabella mushrooms … Yum!





burgers please …


Sometimes you just crave a good burger. So that’s exactly what we had. A REALLY good burger! A bacon, blue cheese burger on ciabatta bread with avocado and grilled onions. Um … yum! Roasted carrots and cauliflower  on the side, along with grilled potatoes.  DSC_0293

And there are nights that my kiddos get in on the action when it comes to cooking. They both seem to really enjoy it. So, my daughter decided we needed chocolate covered strawberries for dessert … she made them and we all ate them. Quite happily, I might add!



Norwegian Stew …

Or better known as beef and stout stew. Yum! At first it sounded intimidating but truly it was super easy. Marinated beef in stout beer (I used Guiness), plus fresh garlic, herbs and spices. Once browned I added onion, carrots, broth, bay leaf and of the marinade, and simmered it most the day. More homemade bread and a glass of cab … perfect for a cold evening.