one week …

For me, mealtime is always an adventure. The kitchen is my favorite place to be. But I am not very good at planning ahead. (Or … perhaps it’s a virtue.)  Instead I decide what sounds good at some point throughout the day and simply make a trip to the market.

However on a recent Sunday afternoon we decide to play a game dictating the following weeks menu. We planned ahead … As self proclaimed “foodies” we have quite the collection of cookbooks. The majority live on the top our hutch, with others strewn about the kitchen. We went around the room, each picking two random numbers. The first would correspond with a cookbook. The second, a page in the chosen cookbook. That would be dinner … we ate white gazpacho and cornmeal pancakes. Moroccan  stew and fillets with a red wine reduction, as well as a fresh tagliatelle and quiche.

So fun to step out of the box, try new recipes, new flavors … all creating new experiences.











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